Capital Area Transit Real-Time Bus Locations

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Droid and Apple users can utilize RouteShout, a powerful app that puts more information in our riders' hands than ever before. This free app gives you schedule information, what routes are located near you, and when buses are scheduled to drive by certain timing points. You can also access RouteShout via a desktop computer by visiting

RouteShout is part of a technology upgrade the Capital Area Transit completed in January 2015. Along with the free app, hardware has also been added to the CAT fleet, that provide riders with visual and audio prompts for upcoming timing points.

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Route Updates Via Text Codes

Finding information about your routes is easier than ever – text one of our Timing Point Codes listed below to 25252 and receive information about upcoming routes in that area. Note: On physical address locations, streets are listed before avenues.

BISCAT01 – Kirkwood Mall (arriving) (706 Kirkwood Mall)
BISCAT02 – 5th Street & Broadway Avenue
BISCAT03 – 10th Street & Rosser Avenue
BISCAT04 – 6th Street & Divide Avenue
BISCAT05 – K-Mart (2625 State Street)
BISCAT06 – Gateway Fashion Mall (2700 State Street)
BISCAT07 – North 4th Street & Interstate Avenue
BISCAT08 – Arrowhead Plaza Shopping Center (1116 North 3rd Street)
BISCAT09 – Bank of North Dakota (1200 Memorial Highway)
BISCAT10 – Dan’s Supermarket South (835 South Washington Street)
BISCAT11 – Airport Road & Bowen Avenue
BISCAT12 – 26th Street & Rosser Avenue
BISCAT13 – 19th Street & Boulevard Avenue
BISCAT14 – 9th Street & Avenue C
BISCAT15 – St. Alexius Medical Center (900 East Broadway Avenue)
BISCAT16 – Westwood Street & Easy Avenue
BISCAT17 – Bis-Man Transit Center (3750 East Rosser Avenue)
BISCAT18 – Not available
BISCAT19 – Stuttgart Drive & Munich Drive
BISCAT20 – Jeanette Myhre School (919 South 12th Street)
BISCAT21 – South Washington Street & London Avenue
BISCAT22 – United Tribes Technical College (3315 University Drive)
BISCAT23 – Super Wal-Mart South (2717 Burlington Drive)
BISCAT24 – 11th Street & Capitol Avenue
BISCAT25 – 23rd Street & Divide Avenue
BISCAT26 – Not available
BISCAT27 – 43rd Street & Lockport Avenue
BISCAT28 – 19th Street & Mapleton Avenue
BISCAT29 – Ohio Street & Century Avenue
BISCAT30 – Washington Street & Century Avenue (D-1)
BISCAT31 – Schaffer Street & College Avenue
BISCAT32 – Super Wal-Mart North (1400 Skyline Boulevard)
BISCAT33 – Washington Street & Interstate Avenue
BISCAT34 – Valley Forge Street & Century Avenue
BISCAT35 – South Bell Street & Sweet Avenue
BISCAT36 – Yorktown Drive & Trenton Drive
BISCAT37 – Washington Street & North 43rd Avenue
BISCAT38 – Not available
BISCAT39 – Not available
BISCAT40 – Not available
BISCAT41 – Not available
BISCAT42 – Not available
BISCAT43 – Not available
BISCAT44 – Not available
BISCAT45 – Not available
BISCAT46 – Not available
BISCAT47 – Not available
BISCAT48 – Not available
BISCAT49 – Not available
BISCAT50 – Not available
BISCAT51 – Not available
BISCAT52 – Not available
BISCAT53 – Not available
BISCAT54 – Not available
BISCAT55 – Not available
BISCAT56 – Not available
BISCAT57 – Not available
BISCAT58 – Not available
BISCAT59 – Not available
BISCAT60 – Not available
BISCAT61 – Not available
BISCAT62 – Not available
BISCAT63 – Not available
BISCAT64 – Not available
BISCAT65 – Not available
BISCAT66 – Not available
BISCAT67 – Not available
BISCAT68 – Not available
BISCAT69 – Not available
BISCAT70 – Not available
BISCAT71 – 3rd Street SE & 6th Avenue SE
BISCAT72 – 1st Street NW & 6th Avenue NW
BISCAT73 – Unistop (1410 Collins Ave)
BISCAT74 – Mandan Middle School (2901 12th Avenue NW)
BISCAT75 – Burlington Street & 6th Avenue SE
BISCAT76 – 14th Street SE & 12th Avenue SE
BISCAT77 – Q & R Clinic (910 18th Street NW, Mandan)
BISCAT78 – Liberty Heights (1500 3rd Avenue NW, Mandan)
BISCAT79 – Division Street & 3rd Avenue NW
BISCAT80 – 1st Street & 11th Avenue NE
BISCAT81– Baymont Inn and Suites (2611 Old Red Trail, Mandan)