Service Changes

Detour Note

If there is a detour along any CAT bus route, the bus will follow the detour. The operator will do his/her best to get back on the regular route and schedule as quickly as possible. If you usually get picked up in the middle of an ongoing construction project, we suggest that you wait at the beginning or end of the detour.

Make sure you have the most recent printing of the CAT map. Our newest version was revised as of September 2019.

Service interruptions and detours can also be found by calling 701.258.6817 and selecting option #5.

If a paratransit bus is being used on a fixed route, a color magnet specific to the route will be placed on the vehicle. You can also find this information on our Facebook page BismarckCATBus .

COVID-19 Response

March 20, 2020 - Bismarck, N.D. - Our goal at Bis-Man Transit is to continue providing needed transportation to our communities throughout this difficult time and that we are taking necessary actions to keep our riders and staff safe.
Effective Monday, March 23rd, the following changes to public transit will be put in place.
•CAT Bus service will be suspended starting Monday, March 23rd and continuing until further notice.
•Additional paratransit vehicles will be placed in service to accommodate fixed route riders who are going to essential locations (grocery stores, work, doctor appointments, and pharmacies).
•The temporary bus service will be in operation Monday to Saturday from 5:30am to 8pm.
•Paratransit service will be in operation Monday to Saturday from 5:30am to 8pm and Sunday from 7:30am to 2:30pm.
•Riders who wish to use the temporary service will follow the same scheduling guidelines as paratransit riders. Rides must be scheduled one day in advance by calling 701.223.9001.
•CAT Bus and paratransit trips will be scheduled on separate buses.
•In order to abide by the CDC's social distancing recommendations, passengers onboard will be limited to 3 at any given time for both services.
•The number of trips we are able to complete on the temporary bus service is limited and will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
•All travel is limited to essential locations only.
•All fares for both modes will be waived during this time.

As previously stated, all changes will go into effect on March 23rd and will be in place until further notice. Bis-Man Transit Staff and Board of Directors will continually monitor the status of the current situation and may make additional changes to service as deemed necessary.

Effective March 23, 2020, the Bis-Man Transit Facility will restrict public access until further notice. Staff will remain on site to answer all phone calls and handle trip reservations during normal hours of operation.
If you wish to purchase transit tickets or CAT bus passes, you may do so with a credit card by calling our office at 701.258.6817. Passes will be mailed out and cannot be picked up on location. Tickets can also be purchased at Cash-Wise Foods and Dan's Supermarket locations throughout Bismarck and Mandan.
Bis-Man Transit takes the COVID-19 situation very seriously. In order to mitigate the spread of the virus, bus operators will be disinfecting contact surfaces throughout the day as needed, in addition to nightly deep cleaning on every vehicle.
Our goal is to provide transit service to our communities as long as possible, however we are constantly monitoring the situation. For up to date service information visit us at or on Facebook at You can also call our office at 701.258.6817 for additional information.

Route: no. 1 Black

Changes to Service: None.

Route: no. 2 Blue

Changes to Service: None.

Route: no. 3 Green

Changes to Service: None.

Route: no. 4 Red

Changes to Service: None.

Route: no. 5 Brown

Changes to Service: None

Route: no. 6 Purple

Changes to Service: None