If there is a detour along any CAT bus route, the bus will follow the detour. The operator will do his/her best to get back on the regular route and schedule as quickly as possible. If you usually get picked up in the middle of an ongoing construction project, we suggest that you wait at the beginning or end of the detour.

Make sure you have the most recent printing of the CAT map. Our newest version was revised as of August 2021.

Service interruptions and detours can also be found by calling 701.258.6817 and selecting option #5.

If a paratransit bus is being used on a fixed route, a color magnet specific to the route will be placed on the vehicle. You can also find this information on our Facebook page BismarckCATBus .

Route: no. 1 Black

Changes to Service: NONE

Route: no. 2 Blue

Changes to Service: TEMPORARY

Due to a shortage of drivers, Blue route will be out of service on Thursday 12/1/22.

Route: no. 3 Green

Changes to Service: NONE

Route: no. 4 Red

Changes to Service: NONE

Route: no. 5 Orange

Changes to Service: NONE

Route: no. 6 Purple

Changes to Service: NONE

See below for a more detailed photo of the current detours.