CAT & Paratransit Staff

Roy Rickert

Executive Director

Roy was named the Executive Director of Bis-Man Transit in August 2015. He began his career in the public transportation industry in 2002 with Connect Transit in central Illinois, where he was born and raised. He has worked as a driver, an operations supervisor and the Transit Operations Director. His goal is to provide quality sustainable transportation options to the entire community in an ethical and economical manner. Roy and his wife Nicole have three children. His personal hobbies include metal detecting, and camping.

Jerri Jurgens

Office Manager

Jerri has been in human resources since October of 2012, but has been employeed here since 2003. Her favorite parts of the job are being able to help employees figure out issues and being involved in the hiring process. She has a few favorite spots around North Dakota where she enjoys camping in her spare time, and she appreciates being able to travel and visit her family. One of her favorite pastimes is playing with her grandkids. When football season begins, you'll find her at one place on Sunday's - anywhere she can watch a Raiders game!

Tom Reisenauer

Fleet Manager

Tom has been Fleet Manager since March 1997. He enjoys the people he works with and the challenges that come with his position -- and there are no doubt a lot, when you consider he manages the CAT, Bis-Man Transit and Taxi 9000 vehicles. Tom also supervises the technician and wash crew who work on the vehicles. In his "spare time" he is busy with his kids' school sporting events and other activities.

Dave Rummel


Dave joined the Bis-Man Transit ranks in September 2000, working in accounting. What does he like most about his job? Working with numbers, of course. Which is a good thing, as he has a lot to keep track of at home. Dave enjoys keeping busy with his kids' activities and spending time together as a family. Dave is also a grandpa (And what is more fun than grandpa playtime?!) Dave loves playing with, and amusing, those grandkids.

Elliot Rust

Finance Manager

Elliot joined Bis-Man Transit May 2016 as the Finance Manager. Elliot graduated from the University of Mary in 2011 and is a native of Casselton – home to 5 governors. He is engaged to his amazing bride-to-be Amanda, and will be getting married this fall. He loves spending hot summer days near the river, camping, on the softball diamond, or taking care of the weeds on the golf course (when the snap hook is causing problems). Winters are spent bowling and going to the movies. Elliot is an active member of his church and volunteers with playing the guitar for chapel at the Dakota Boys & Girls ranch weekly.

Lee Schneider

ASE Certified Master Technician

Lee has worked as an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Master Technician for Bis-Man Transit, The CAT Bus and Taxi 9000 since January of 2006. He likes the people he works with; and when asked what he does here, he says he's pretty much a "grease monkey" who will work on anything! Go figure - Lee is an classic car enthusiast and NASCAR fan. He enjoys traveling and can sometimes be found traveling the countryside in search of that can't miss classic car show.

Gary Schumacher

Taxi 9000 Owner and General Manager, Transit Contract Manager

Taxi 9000 is a family business that Gary purchased from his father. He enjoys working with a wide variey of people and being able to provide quality jobs in the Bismarck-Mandan area. It is tough to walk anywhere in Bismarck without finding someone who knows Gary. He likes spending time with his twin boys and in the fall enjoys spending Sundays watching the Minnesota Vikings lose.

Chuck Frankfurth

Maintenance Supervisor

Chuck joined Bis-Man Transit as the maintenance supervisor in April of 1998, and he really knows all of the ins and outs of the Bismarck-Mandan Transit Center. The favorite part of his job for Chuck is clearing snow out of the parking lot with his sweet Tahoe, that we have all started to affectionately call "snowflake." In his spare time, Chuck enjoys spending time with his wife, and hitting up the occasional street fair.

Shanda Miller

Office/Procurement Manager

Shanda has been the Office/Procurement Manager since January 2016, and with the organization since August 2014, handling a wide variety of other duties in the organization. She enjoys being able to interact with the public and likes working with the elderly and disabled. Shanda returned to North Dakota after having spent 16 years in Texas with her two sons, and now that she is closer to family, she loves when they are able to spend time together.

Randy Remmick

Taxi Manager

Randy is a manager at Bis-Man Transit and he’s been with the organization since 1991. His favorite part about the job is interacting with the customers and he adds “you know who you are.” Randy was born and raised in Bismarck and insists that he will live and die here. He’s an outdoors enthusiast, who spends a lot of his free time hunting and fishing in the wilds of North Dakota.

Nate Vatnsdal

CAT Manager

Nate was promoted to CAT Manager in July 2014, and spending nearly two years with the company as an ASE Certified Master Technician. When asked what he likes about his position, he simply answers "What's not to like?" He also likes the people he works with and the variety his job offers. When he's not busy managing the day-to-day operations of the CAT bus, supervising/scheduling the drivers, or working as safety manager, Nate enjoys the great outdoors that North Dakota has to offer. He golfs, fishes and hunts.