Tuesday Transit Trivia

Win Free CAT Passes!!

Win Free CAT Passes!!

Each Tuesday, we will send a trivia question out through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We will accept responses for two days through both social media channels, and will declare a winner on Thursdays.

Winners will be determined by having either the correct, or closest to correct answer. In the event of multiple correct, or closest to correct answers, the week's winner will be decided at random from that pool of correct, or closest to correct answers.

That winner will then receive a free one-day CAT pass. The winner may stop by the Bis-Man Transit Center (located at 3750 East Rosser Avenue in Bismarck) to collect the pass.

The answers submitted to Tuesday Transit Trivia questions are evaluated under an objective, and predetermined criteria by one or more judges who are qualified to apply such criteria.

While liking our Facebook page or following our organization on Twitter is not a requirement to participate in the contest, or potentially win a free pass, we would sure appreciate it if you gave us that bit of good-faith currency by completing said social media acknowledgement.

Finally, please note there is no purchase requirement to participate in Tuesday Transit Trivia, in accordance with North Dakota state law. It's simply just a fun way to brighten your day.