Reading the Timetables

  • Major destinations are printed on the top of the schedule and right underneath is a letter in a black circle. These letters and circles are referred to as timing points.
  • These timing points match up with the timing points on the map.
  • On the time table, there are times listed under the timing points. These are the estimated times that the bus will be at that timing point (buses do not stop at timing points; you need to wave for the bus to stop).
  • If you are at a location between timing points, be at the stop at the same time as the earliest timing point of the two.
  • Allow yourself an extra five minutes because of clock differences. The CAT runs on satellite (cell phone) time.

Reading the Transfer Timetable

  • Transfer points are located on the top of the transfer timetable.
  • Individual bus routes are listed on the left side of the transfer timetable.
  • The starting time for each individual route is to the right of each route name.
  • The caret (^) signifies the starting point for each route. For example, the Black-1 Route starts at 7:00 a.m., so the starting location for that route is the Front Avenue Shelter.
  • The bus will arrive at these transfer points every hour, except for the Red-4 Route, which will arrive every two hours.
  • The ending location for each route is symbolized by an asterisk (*). For example, the Black-1 Route ends at 7:00 p.m., so the bus will do its last drop off at the Front Avenue Shelter at that time.