Bis-Man Transit

Privacy Policy

Why do you want to know my name and contact information?
We collect this information when you "opt in" so that we may communicate with you. Using these services is your option. If you do not want Bis-Man Transit to collect this information about you, you may "opt out" by unsubscribing or ending the networking relationship.

What other information do you keep track of, about me?
E-mail communication from you may be archived as well as any data you submit to us in a web form. We also collect data from demographic information from features of our web site, however no personal information is associated with this data.

Do you collect information from children?
We may collect e-mail addresses from children who subscribe to Facebook or sign up for CAT Club. We also have access to any personal information on FaceBook profiles. We do not always know whether we are being contacted by an adult or by a child. In the case of contact from a child, if appropriate, we may pursue permission from a parent in order to provide services.

Do you share my information with other parts of your company?
Only Bis-Man Transit employees have access to information collected by online services. Information submitted in web forms such as the Comment Form or Complaint Form may be shared with other stakeholders as appropriate, including your personal contact information. Networking relationships on Facebook may be visible to the public.

Do you share my information with other companies or sell it to anyone?

Can I see and change the information you have about me, personally? Can I review information you have about my child?
Yes. Contact the marketing director, Kalen Ost, at 701-258-6817 for details.

How can I start or stop receiving e-mail from you?
Send an email to stating that you wish to be removed from future communications. Remove yourself from our "friends lists" on Facebook.

How do you protect the privacy of my e-mails?
Information you send to Bis-Man Transit via e-mail or web form is archived by our servers. E-mail accounts are protected by user passwords and only network administrators have access to archived data.

Who can I talk to if I have a question about my privacy?
Contact the marketing director, Kalen Ost, at 701-258-6817 for questions about your privacy in using our online services.