Bis-Man Transit Executive Director Changes

April 5, 2020 – Bismarck, ND - The Bis-Man Transit Board is pleased to announce that Glenn Lauinger will temporarily assume the duties of the Executive Director for Bis-Man Transit. The Board is in full support of Glenn and we are confident he will provide the temporary leadership necessary to achieve transits objective, improve mobility for all people, enhance the quality of life, and improve economic strength for our communities.

Glenn Lauinger is a retired Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with extensive transit knowledge. He has served on the Bis-Man Transit Board since 1996and a member of our finance committee since 2015.

Glenn’s professional career includes 40 ​years of expertise and ownership in an accounting firm, sits on other volunteer boards in the community. Glenn holds a Bachelor’s​ Degree in accounting from University of Mary.

Glenn will continue to serve on the Board while he assumes the duties of the Executive Director.

We are confident that, with this transition plan in place, Glenn’s leadership, and the strength of our administrative team and National Express team, we will continue to be a strong organization committed to moving people safely in the community.


The Board of Bis-Man transit will start conducting a search for a new Executive Director.